How to deposit a check

Before you start, please make sure your check is ready.

Front of the check

  • The check must be issued in your name
  • The amount on the check should be below PHP 500,000.00
  • The date on the check should not be older than 180 days

Back of the check

Make sure to write the following legibly:

  • Your ING account number
  • Date of Deposit
  • Your signature
  • Our bank name: “ING Bank”

Depositing a check

1. Open the ING App and tap “Deposit”
2. Lay the check flat against a dark and high contrast background
3. Take a photo of the front and back side of the check
4. Input the account number, account name, and the amount on the check

Deposit Reminder (for Manager’s Check):

  • If the account name is blank, you may put “none”.
  • If the bank name is written, you may copy it.
  • If the account number is blank, you may put “none”. If there are “0” (zeroes) written, write it as is - “0”.
5. Select the correct issuing bank of the check

Deposit Reminder:

When selecting the issuing bank, kindly take note that:

  • BPI
    is different from BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI Direct Savings Bank
  • BDO
    is different from BDO Private Bank
  • HSBC
    is different from HSBC Savings Bank Philippines
  • PNB
    is different from PNB Savings Bank
  • RCBC
    is different from RCBC Savings Bank
  • UCPB
    is different from UCPB Savings Bank
6. Check your ING app regularly to know the status of your deposit. Status is shown in the app dashboard and in the in-app messages.

Check Status description:

  1. For Clearing - Accepted by ING and for transmission to PCHC.
  2. Rejected - Rejected check deposits due to technicalities such as post-dated, blurred images, stale dated, amount in word differs in figures, missing signature, etc.
  3. Returned - Returned check due to Drawn Against Insufficient Funds (DAIF), Drawn Against Unclear Deposit (DAUD) and unauthorized signatory.
  4. Cleared - Cleared and available funds

    Deposit Please take note:

    • Check deposits are usually cleared within 1-2 business days
    • Please hold on to your check for at least 6 months after depositing

Need help?

For any questions, you may contact us via our ING Bank Facebook Messenger

© 2019 ING Bank N.V., Manila Branch
© 2019 ING Bank N.V., Manila Branch